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Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Automation and Control for Your Product

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that need automation and control for their products, look to Junge Control.

Our team of expert engineers and programmers excels at designing automation and control solutions for weighing and blending equipment in the agriculture, aerial and fuel industries.

Depending on your needs, we can develop a complete product—automation, software and equipment—or just individual components. Much of our work is with companies that have developed their own equipment, but need Junge Control to develop the automation and software.

All Junge automation starts with the Junge Command Center, a powerful system from which you can run your entire operation.

Junge implements easy-to-use touch-screen software for simple, efficient operation.

Junge’s engineers can design and build measuring and blending solutions that integrate with our easy-to-use automation and control systems.

Learn about two of the more than 100 OEM systems we have developed for our partners:

Junge developed a customized, integrated automation solution for the Convey-All, which is now installed at farms and mills across the country.

Junge designed equipment, software and controls for an advanced seed care prescription management system.

Contact us to learn how a solution from Junge Control can take your product to the next level.