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Fuel Injector

Add Additives with Precise Control

The Junge Fuel Injector is a revolutionary system that takes fuel blending to the next level. The system can adjust the injection rate of the additive—and it can adjust it quickly.
Fuel Injector Features
  • Quick toggle for double rate
  • Records amount of additive used in each compartment, when used with Junge Fuel Manager
  • 110V AC operation
  • Solenoid valves included
Choose from one of three systems, based on your injection needs:
Junge Injector 2000 – Allows injection of an additive to a single product line
  • One pump
  • One controller
  • One injection point
Junge Injector 2020 – Allows injection of an additive to two product lines, one after the other
  • One pump
  • One controller
  • Two injection points
Junge Injector 2200 – Allows injection of an additive to two product lines simultaneously
  • One pump
  • Two controllers
  • Two injection points
Take control of your fuel additives with the Junge Fuel Injector. Contact us today.