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Customers in Control

Read what customers are saying about how Junge put them in control.

Time and Money Saver

“Automation is key to Cartersville Elevator's need to serve farmers effectively within a planting window that seems to be narrowing in Northern Iowa. We gear ourselves to be able to get the bulk of our work done within nine days during the spring. And I remind our guys that the Indy 500 is won in the pit."
—Steve Weiner, Cartersville Elevator, Mason City, Iowa

“The automatic system keeps employees and floaters where they are profitable—in the field, applying product.”
—Rick Bowie, Bowie Fertilizer, Miller, Nebraska
Rick estimates he triples the output capacity of his plant through automation.

“By cutting labor by a man and a half, Junge's automated system assists us in better managing our full-time help while decreasing the need for seasonal help. Before, we had three to four people loading trucks during peak times. Now, one man and the driver can do all the mixing and loading.”
—Sue Gard, Gard Fertilizer, Palmyra, Missouri

Employee Accountability

“I like the accountable inventory and automatic billing with no extra effort. From start to finish, there is no double entry.”
—Marty Junge, O'Grady Chemical, Van Horne, Iowa

Ease of Use

"The system is easy to operate and I get excellent phone support."
—Ron Stutsmans, Stutsmans Inc, Hills, Iowa

“I am impressed with the flexible control software. While building the plant we kept changing the process flow, but it only took Junge's startup technician a few minutes to set up software, over the phone. I get any question answered in minutes over the phone.”
—Steve Gannon, Tom Thumb, Clear Lake, Iowa

“We found the system to be very easy to operate and at least three times more efficient than before.”
—Darlene Fletcher, Fletcher Agri Service, Avoca, Nebraska